Case Study: 4130 Regents

Project Description

Located in La Jolla California this project is expected to look good no matter the budget. This project has a combination of both head-rail braced and floor mount partitions by request of the architect. Valencia Teak was the selection of the toilet partitions laminate which is a laminate by the manufacturer Nevamar. Combination units were used to house the toilet paper holder and seat cover dispenser both while the womens room has the additional napkin disposal. These units are are all completely recessed in the wall to give a clean high end look. Recessed napkin vendor and recessed baby changing stations can be found on both the 2nd and 3rd floor women’s restrooms. Beveled edge mirrors above the vanities were installed with a automatic foam dispenser by Bobrick to wash the hands. Please visit some of the products we used on this project by clicking on the pictures below.
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Products used in this project